Sunday, November 11, 2012

Settled In

You're probably wondering, dear reader, where did those frequent updates go? Indeed, like so many a travel blog I've neglected to post now that I feel fairly settled in. It feels like less of an adventure now, and more like I'm just living here. However that doesn't mean it's ok to neglect updates!

Lets see, some Kiwiisms:

  • Very little concept of how large Canada is. Even people who've been to Canada rarely realize there's a massive distance between our mountains (e.g. the rockies) and where I live.
  • Growing basically anything except pineapples (citrus, grapes, olives, whatever)
  • Mandatory roadside breathalyzers on city streets
  • Saying there are "heaps" of things
  • Sheep shearing competitions
I also went on another tramp this weekend to Peak Hill. I took a tumble on my bike last week and hurt my shoulder, so wanted to take it easy this week. Certainly a nice easy tramp, and the view was stellar to boot!
New Zealand. Yup.
Movember silliness 

Since we all ended the tramp by about 1:30, the group decided to stop by the Hororata Highland Games. The whole scene could have easily been in small-town Ontario with all the local Scottish heritage and full-on paraphernalia being worn. There were highland games, which I somehow  remembered have a pretty solid worldwide following. Indeed, the wikipedia article on highland games athletes describes it pretty well. There also seemed to be a manual sheep sheering competition going on which I took a video of:

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