Thursday, May 8, 2008

Assassin's Creed = Parkour Simulator

I tried out Assassin's Creed last night, and was blow away. The game is so good, I'm proud to live 3 hours away from where it was made (Montreal). I didn't really play much of the game, and my system doesn't do the game justice, so this isn't a review. However, I felt the urge to comment (document to myself, really) on the game's incredible climbing/running/dodging gameplay. It's unreal. I was jumping around the buildings, climbing on stuff, and running through crowds in a realistic 1100 A.D. Damascus. Granted, I've been known to try out crazy crap, and for a time I was obsessed with David Belle and parkour; I feel sort of like a guy who failed to be a good football player saying that playing Madden 20XX was the greatest moment of his life. To each his own.

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