Friday, June 1, 2007

Stealing a bike is easier than you think.

Before anyone gets any ideas about my morals, I did *not* steal a bike. I did the next best thing: help a friend steal his own bike.

On my way home with my friends Mark and Dave, we stopped to unlock and pick up Mark's bike. The bike was parked outside Beamish-Munro Hall where there are two sets of bike racks, just east of the corner of Union and Division. We noticed that someone had re-locked his bike to the bike rack (maliciously or not, we don't know). After some deliberation about what to do, Mark called to get his dad to bring a hack saw.

Now here's the funny part: after suspiciouly musing about why someone would do this around Mark's bike for about 10 minutes (drawing some critical attention, I'm sure), his dad arrives and we start hacking away, making a fair bit of noise in the process. It took about 2 minutes to saw through the lock (which was a steel-wire type, not a u-lock). Not *once* during this time did anyone ask us what we were doing, or if this was our bike. At least 10 people passed us (as convocation had ended a little while ago) while 4 people stood around a bike, effectively stealing it.

No wonder Kingston is the bike theft capitol of Canada when no one but the owner of a bike cares if it's stolen.

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